• The Seed Bridgehouse


  • Each journey starts with the first step.

     For our journey in creating the Transformative Hub for Regenerative Cultures the first step is The Seed Bridgehouse.

  • What is The Seed Bridgehouse?

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    The Purpose

    The Seed Bridgehouse is an incubator for:

    • Building the Context for the Transformative Hub for Regenerative Cultures
    • Growing the Team that is called into establishing and stewarding the Transformative Hub for Regenerative Cultures
    • Sensing a Space that has a potential to become the Transformational Hub for Regenerative Cultures

    Read more about the purpose of the Transformative Hub for Regenerative Cultures HERE.

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    The Principles

    • The guiding Archetypes of The Seed Bridgehouse journey are Village Making and Gameworld Building, so we can create space for Evolution and Guardianship to unfold.
    • The Seed Bridgehouse guiding principles are Transformation, Love, Life, Collaboration and Creation.
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    How we envision the transformation to happen in TSB?

    • Experimenting with Possibility Management tools to facilitate co-living, co-creating, transformation and sourcing the next steps of Transformative Hub for Regenerative Cultures (Codex, Rules of Engagement, Decision Making Processes, etc.)
    • Holding the Possibility Management (Archean) Context to facilitate building a Regenerative Culture matrix together
    • Supporting each other to explore and take a stand for their own non-linear ways of creating non-material value and serving Life
    • Opening for the Unknown, for Life, for Sacred to guide us
    • Having High-Level Fun 
  • Rules of Engagement

    To become a part of The Seed Brighouse please check if you agree to the following:

    • You are deeply moved and fully agree with the purpose of the space
    • You truly feel called to be a part of the team that experiments in living together on the same land with fellow edgeworkers and children (we already have a 4-year old Ravi in our team) and co-creating and co-stewarding a Transformational Hub for Regenerative Cultures
    • You feel the commitment to the process of walking the path of discovery together
    • You have a stable inner structure and matrix and you know your “X” on the map
    • You agree with all the other conditions stated on this page

    After receiving your interest, there will be an interview held by the THRC team, to together sense the next steps for you joining The Seed Bridgehouse.


    PLEASE NOTE: The location and time are just an intitial framework that is up to further collab-discovery.

    Place & Time

    Place: Casa Fluxus, Castelo de Vide, Portugal


    Dates: 10 of February to 10th of March 2024


    The Place that will co-create our Seed Bridgehouse is Casa Fluxus - an abundant regenerative land with lots of fruit trees and sources of water. It is located 1,5km from the poetic village of Castelo de Vide (interior of Portugal, 2.5 hours from Lisbon) and consists of a 2-hectare biodiverse raw nature land where you can merge with the ecosystem. The price for the whole month will be on a sliding scale from 120 to 180 euros per person. Single and double rooms will be available. Costs of water, electricity, gas, firewood and food will be additional and split evenly between the team.


    The investment to be part of this discovery space is €100

  • This journey is starting quickly, so please register your interest as soon as you can.


    Join us in creating a space where

    Life and Regenerative Cultures can thrive!


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  • Are you ready?

    Feeling inspired? You have a big "YES" in all your bodies after reading this? Get in touch!

    Casa Fluxus, Castelo de Vide, Portugal
    0048 502651089, Telegram: @bere_nika